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Product's ESG platform helps furniture companies boost supply chain sustainability. Connect with suppliers, access ESG data, and comply with regulations. Minimize waste, reduce energy use, and source sustainable materials for high-quality, eco-friendly production.


How can Product help you comply with your Furniture industry


Product allows you to build strong, transparent relationships with suppliers who share your commitment to sustainability. Easily access and verify ESG data from suppliers, ensuring they comply with EUDR standards and ethical labor practices.


Implement Digital Product Passports (DPP) to enhance your furniture and interior business. DPP supports circular design by enabling repair, maintenance, resale, and disposal. It also highlights CO2 emissions and product origins, providing a compelling story for customers. Use DPP as a marketing tool to showcase additional products and upsell services, while ensuring compliance with environmental standards.


Ensure your company adheres to environmental and human rights regulations by integrating comprehensive compliance tools. Product simplifies the process of meeting CSDDD requirements, helping you identify, prevent, and mitigate adverse impacts throughout your supply chain.

“We see significant opportunities in collecting and structuring data

in an automated and intelligent manner, especially regarding our supply chain, where dealing with the social and environmental bottom lines can be challenging. We are pleased to be evolving alongside DataContexts and their platform Prduct, which embraces the new demands we are experiencing in the industry.”

Sofie Mora Kristensen from SuperWood A/S

Sofie Mora Kristensen Superwood A/S

Enhancing Collaboration and Compliance in the Furniture Industry revolutionizes the furniture industry by improving data collaboration and ensuring adherence to EU regulations. Our platform streamlines communication and data sharing among designers, manufacturers, and suppliers, creating a more cohesive and efficient supply chain.

Key Features

  • Unified Data Platform: provides a centralized location for all your product data, allowing for easy access and real-time updates. This ensures that all team members and partners are working with the latest information.
  • Regulatory Adherence:
    Our platform helps you comply with rigorous EU regulations by tracking and documenting adherence to environmental standards, helping you avoid penalties and maintain your brand’s integrity.
  • Collaboration Tools:
    With integrated collaboration features, you can work closely with your partners to develop and enhance product offerings. Share designs, sustainability metrics, and compliance documents with ease.
  • Transparency and Traceability: increases transparency by offering detailed records of product origins, sustainability credentials, and environmental impact. This builds trust with customers and supports eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Automated Compliance Reporting:
    Reduce administrative burden and minimize errors with automated reporting tools that generate compliance and sustainability reports, keeping you prepared for audits at all times.

By adopting, the furniture industry can enhance collaboration, simplify compliance, and advance sustainability goals, leading to better products and stronger customer relationships.

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