Who we are

Your trusted partner in navigating complex EU regulations and championing sustainability. Based in Aarhus, Denmark, we provide a comprehensive solution for managing product information, supplier relationships, and risk handling, ensuring compliance and reducing risks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies successfully navigate their supply chain, manage data, avoid risks and comply with EU regulations by using our platform for a greener tomorrow.

Our Vision

We envision to become the leading provider of innovative solutions that streamline regulatory compliance and sustainability practices, driving positive impact for businesses, society, and the environment.

Our values


We take a position on how our technology, products, and services work, but also how they influence our customers, society, and the planet.


We share knowledge with our colleagues, customers, and peers to learn, grow, and be transparent


We believe openness and honesty are essential foundations for building trust and fostering meaningful relationships with our customers and stakeholders.


We navigate in a dynamic landscape, and we always seek out new opportunities to create value for our customers and stakeholders.

The Founder

“Enriched product data determines your adaptability and is therefore a key strategic focus for gaining competitive advantage in an ever-changing world where transparency, compliance and regulation set the limits of what your business can achieve.”

Sven Philipsen, CEO and Founder of Prduct

Our Story

The Story Begins

Our founder, Sven Philipsen, started the company Eachthing with a vision to create transparency about the added value of products in terms of health and sustainability, enabling better decision-making.

The Team

Mathias Lindgaard

Sales Consultant

Stefan Overby Stamm

COO & Partner Relationship Manager

Lisa Rægaard Pedersen

Lisa Rægaard Pedersen

Administrative Financial and Forecasting Analyst

Jonas Holm Madsen

Product Owner

Petya Vragova

UX/UI Designer

David Michalco

Machine Learning Developer

Davit Hambardzumyan

Full Stack Developer

Armen Petrosyan

Full Stack Developer

Sven Rishede Philipsen

CEO & Founder


Lasse Bolander, Chairman

Coop, IDH, Einar Willumsen, Spejder Sport, etc.

Jesper Ejlersen

Everfuel, Stibo Systems, Schur, EG

Mikkel Ploug

Greenwise Invest, Arcane Tinmen

Michael Stampe