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Enhance sustainability in your business by focusing on supplier relationships, data collaboration and avoid risk by complying with ESG regulations.

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All you need to responsibly grow your business

Supplier Relationship Management

Strengthen your supply chain with effective supplier relationship management. Automate repetitive processes, create a central communication platform, gain data-driven insights. Improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase innovation.

Product Information Management

Improve your product launch and sales with effective product information management. Centralize and automate product data, enrich data with relevant content, and distribute seamlessly to all your sales channels. Obtain data about components, raw materials, or certifications directly from your suppliers.

Compliance & Risk Management

Break down data silos and foster collaboration across your value chain. Leverage real-time data insights to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks. Our intuitive risk map provides a clear, visual representation of threats, empowering informed decision-making. Minimize disruptions and ensure business continuity.

One platform for ESG frameworks & regulations

Use the platform to track vital environmental, social and governance metrics.


Environmental, focusing on how a company's operations impact the natural world.

Value-chain emissions
ISO14000 / ISO14001
Biodiversity & deforestation
Water management practices
GHG Protocol
Scope 1, 2, 3
Digital product passport
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Conflict Minerals Regulation


Social, relating to how a company manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and communities.

Forced labor
Labor rights
Human Rights Due Diligence
Child Labor
UN Global Compact
Health & Safety
Indigenous people


Governance, referring to a company's leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights.

Code of Conduct
Audit trail
Information security
Anti bribery
Internal controls
Environmental management system (EMS)

Why product?

Our solution offers a seamless experience with user-friendly tools for managing sustainability and suppliers effortlessly. Enjoy automated processes, intuitive features, and insightful risk mapping that empower your decisions. With our friendly team and cutting-edge technology, achieving your sustainability goals has never been more exciting!

Less Workload

Suppliers provide data for verification, while customers access information, streamlining the process. Track and validate every step of your value chain journey, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout.

Data Integrations

Gain a single point of truth with all data collected and seamlessly integrated. Visualize risks through comprehensive mapping based on provided datasets, ensuring informed decision-making at every step.

Innovation Synergies

Unlock innovation and efficiency through collaborative practices. Sharing best practices and technologies fosters faster innovation, while larger data pools enhance insights for better decisions.

Policy Management

Easily manage document versions and policy updates among suppliers. Enhance monitoring efficiency with a synonym lookup system based on trusted databases, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your processes.

What's relevant for you & your colleagues to know

This information is designed to guide you in formulating a persuasive argument to convince your team to initiate the project. By understanding their viewpoints and the potential impact of the project, you can tailor your argument to address their concerns and highlight the benefits, thereby securing their buy-in and enthusiasm for starting the project.

Sustainability Manager

Elevate sustainability efforts with our integrated platform. Reduce environmental impact by sourcing sustainable materials and optimizing supply chains. Stay ahead of regulations with real-time compliance monitoring. Collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders and access transparent data for informed decision-making. Save time and resources with streamlined data collection and risk management tools. Partner with us to prioritize sustainability and drive meaningful change.

Purchase Manager

Revolutionize procurement with our system. Ensure ethical sourcing and compliance while optimizing costs. Gain real-time insights into supplier practices, streamline compliance management, and track sustainability metrics effortlessly. Make informed decisions that align with your sustainability goals and contribute to responsible sourcing practices.

IT Team

Empower your IT team with our solution. Enhance operational efficiency, ensure data accuracy, and streamline workflows. Centralize product and supplier data, reducing errors and boosting productivity. With seamless integration and robust security measures, navigate growth challenges confidently. Explore our interactive demo and freemium option to experience the benefits firsthand.

Legal Department

Empower your legal department with our solution. Ensure compliance with environmental regulations, streamline supplier communication, and mitigate legal risks. Access sustainability reporting features and collaborate seamlessly with suppliers. Demonstrate transparency and uphold corporate responsibility while safeguarding legal interests. Simplify data management and enhance efficiency in addressing legal inquiries and requirements.


Lead sustainability initiatives with our platform. Track material origins, enhance transparency, and streamline processes to minimize environmental impact. Centralize data for informed decision-making, compliance management, and collaborative efforts with suppliers. Empower data-driven marketing and solidify your position as a sustainable leader in furniture manufacturing.

“We see significant opportunities in collecting and structuring data

in an automated and intelligent manner, especially regarding our supply chain, where dealing with the social and environmental bottom lines can be challenging. We are pleased to be evolving alongside DataContexts and their platform Prduct, which embraces the new demands we are experiencing in the industry.”

Sofie Mora Kristensen from SuperWood A/S

Sofie Mora Kristensen Superwood A/S