Prduct offers you the tools and knowledge to make your products outshine competitors. We help you connect the dots and turn data into value.

We are the experts, so you don’t have to be. Let us help you decomplex your internal data work processes.

“Prduct is excellent! They know all our pains and gains being a smaller food producer.”

Michael C, Head of Product Data Management
Product Information Management

Work as a synchronized team

Prduct saves you hours of manual data entry and circulation by digitizing, simplifying and visualizing the work tasks associated with adding and maintaining product information.

We are changing the way you work with product information, and with our help you can focus on your increasing sales.

Customer profile user interface

One source - different channels

From a comprehensive overview of your products, to a world of application and value creation. With prduct you can send or share your data with your partners and sales channels.


Product Data Management built for efficiency

Prduct saves you hours of manual data entry by digitalising, simplifying and visualising the work tasks related to add and maintain product information.

Prioritising your work

Using Prduct, you can prioritise tasks and allocate tasks to different members of your team.

Manage Teams and Members

With Prduct, you can have different teams for each of your brands, or you can handle them all from one team.

Multiple Channels

With our tools, you can share tailored product information to all channels automatically - and increase your sales.

Find and fix mistakes

Prduct enables you to find and fix mistakes in your ingredientlists.

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