Management Platform

Prduct has reinvented how supply chains collaborate on product data, which enables you to distribute data responsibility and make data needs visible upstream and downstream to strengthen and future-proof the business for all links in the chain.

Built for efficiency and legal compliance

Prduct saves you hours of manual data entry by digitalising, simplifying and visualising the work tasks related to market and sell a product in different markets.

Intelligent system

AI validates your data and alerts you if the data doesn't match, isn't compliant, or other things you need to be aware of.

Data synchronization

Use synchronizations to keep the data quality consistent and high across your business systems.

Easy integration

With Prduct, you can easily integrate with other webshops, data suppliers and online marketplaces.

Monitor all your data

Gain a much needed overview of the data you have in your ERP systems, channels etc. Prduct shows what your data looks like in other systems, on every single datatype and let’s you decide which version of the data you want Prduct to send to your channels. Monitor all your data from one system.


    Secure cloud storage

    In Prduct, your data is always backed up and available. Choose which data types are public or private to ensure full control of what you wish to disclose.

      Work as a synchronized team

      Work several people at the same time, delegate work tasks and save hours of manual data entry. Access Prduct any time, anywhere.


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