Enriched product data determines your adaptability and is therefore a key strategic focus for gaining competitive advantage in an ever-changing world where transparency, compliance and regulation set the limits of what your business can achieve. - Sven Philipsen, CEO

The founder of Prduct, Sven Philipsen, is the former CIO of Vindenergi Danmark and has participated in creating the biggest datapool for energy in Denmark.

What we do

Prduct makes end-to-end product data solutions that guarantee product quality, secure data and provide valuable insights for companies within the food, retail and non-food industry. Our solutions help companies simplify product information management, create better product rankings, more efficient processes and state of the art data analysis insights.

Our story

We are an Aarhus based company, which originally was founded as a tech and impact startup wanting to help consumers find products matching their needs and values. Our main goal was to bring transparency to consumers. After working with various food and non-food manufacturers, we gained insight to how they shared and provided data and product information. Here we discovered a great opportunity to create a system, which would optimize and simplify the dataflow between partners.

Facilitating real change

Our software solutions are unique and with them comes the ability to create real change in your companies' day-to-day activities. Our goal is always to elevate our customers’ businesses and enable them to contribute to a better world. A world with smarter product information processes and more intelligent connections. We believe that this is achieved by co-creating with our partners and making our costumers better so they can spend time on what really matters.

We are Master Data Management Experts.

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