Sustainability Data Management

Sustainability Data Management

Sustainability Data Management

Sustainability data management (SDM) is the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data related to the environmental, social, and economic impacts and performance of a company, organization, or product. It involves identifying the relevant data, establishing systems and processes for collecting and storing the data, and using the data to inform decision-making and track progress towards sustainability goals.

Effective sustainability data management can help an organization to understand its current performance and identify areas for improvement, set meaningful sustainability targets and track progress towards meeting those targets, report on sustainability performance to stakeholders, and make informed decisions that align with sustainability objectives.

Sustainability data management often involves the use of specialized software and tools to track and analyze data, as well as the development of reporting frameworks and standards to ensure that data is collected and reported consistently and transparently. It is an important aspect of sustainability management and is increasingly being recognized as a critical component of good corporate governance and responsible business practices. Prduct is specifically designed to help organizations archive these benefits in a user-friendly and cost-effective manner.

Turn your sustainability effort into competitive advantages. However, claiming sustainability requires concrete arguments based on science and concrete factual calculations from the value chain and an understanding of your competitors. We help you setup and collected the data needed to claim your efforts.

Examples of use cases includes:

  • Reducing risk of your products leading to deforestation applying with regulation as EU deforestation-free products.
  • Reducing risk of harmfull chemicals in your products or packaging applying with regulations as EU REACH or standards as ChemSec.
  • Reducing risks of micro plastics in your products or packaging.

Collaborating with your supply chain has never been easier than with prduct, now you can set up and versionize your "Code of conduct" and track the quality of compliance through data provided by the various links of the chain. Automatic risk assessments and get notified if something is not in line with the agreements. This gives you space and peace for new tasks.