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MobileLabels is an easy drag-and-drop function based system where you can create unique landing pages for your products, using QR-codes. Use MobileLabels as an extension of Prduct. Try for free.

The benefits

1. We use your product data to expand the space limits of your physical products by creating a digital customer journey

2. Introducing a new way for your customers to interact and meet your products

3. Using a QR code to provide additional information about your product is a great way to free up space on the package

4. Giving the customer valuable information in the purchase situation and increasing sales

5. Creating a connection between the physical and digital product information – compelling CTA

QR codes can expand your physical products customer journey

The QR code can share nutritional facts, reviews, or even some sort of video or backstory about you or your product. Keep in mind that this content can be changed at any time.

Personal and interactive product presentation

Create a stronger relationship with your customers by meeting them in a new and innovative way. Let them interact directly with your products and provide useful information in-store.

Gain new insights

We provide you with valuable information about consumers: what products are scanned, what information are consumers looking for, do they like the product, etc. Consumers’ insights are key to product development.

Create a stronger relationship with customers

Meet the consumer during the decision-making process and let your products talk for themselves. We create an in-store link between the physical and digital product content.