Make your products outshine competitors and increase your conversion rate/ sales numbers.

In Prduct’s system, you can – via drag-and-drop – define and control as many channels as you need, ensuring product data consistency across all your channels and allowing for tailoring information to fit the right channels.

Increase sales by focusing on the correct product information and rise to the top of Bilkatogo, CoopMAD, Osuma, and Prduct helps you sort and distribute tailored product information to all your sales channels – rank highest and sell more.

Tailor product content for each channel

Send the right data to the right channels. Customize content for each channel and organize it using unlimited custom attributes – make your products outshine competitors.

An excellent presentation is essential for attracting orders from your customers on the internet.

Still, it is necessary to work with intelligent data management to create a better customer experience.

The data is yours

You control who has access to your data and can tailor the data to the individual channels. Ensures that trade secrets are kept secret but that you still convert

Be wise – better use of your time

Focus on the right information. We optimize your processes and prioritise what data points to focus on to increase conversions and match demands from various channels.

Automatic product updates

Set up plans to update or add products automatically to each platform with no more than a couple of clicks.

We simplify the process of sharing and digitalizing product information.

Each sales channel asks you for differently formatted product details, you need a place to edit and store them

  • Multi-channel management

  • Understand what data requirements there are for you as a manufacturer
  • Share the data across your organization and with distributors

  • Cross-channel publishing
  • New data available through the value chain

  • Optimize product content for each channel—automatically

Send the right data to the right channels

updated, automatically and tailored.

How does it work?

Prduct helps you distribute product information anywhere online using one of two methods:

  1. Use our Channel creator to build a feed that will automatically update with your latest product content, and then send that feed to your sales channel.
  2. Use our open API to create a custom integration with your sales channel.

    We know the ideal format each channel wish to receive its data