At Prduct, we know your pains and gains as a food manufacturer. We have vast experience working with product information related to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and can provide expert guidance within rules, regulations, and industry-related standards and trends.

Our mission is to make it easy to turn data into value by visualising and simplifying the processes of working with data management.

How do our features support your business?

Manage your product data digitally – Be smart

Prduct provides the complete solution for food manufacturers to manage product information and ease collaboration internally as well as externally.
We simplify and uncomplicate the process for both senders and receivers of product data. We are the experts within the FMCG industry.

Tailor product content – for each channel

Send the right data to the right channels. Customize content for each channel and organize it using unlimited custom attributes – make your products outshine competitors.

Each sales channel asks you for differently formatted product details

you need a place to edit and store them.

Show off your products – your way

Most companies have invested in a brand and a website, but customers often leave without getting inspired by your products. We set up a digital product catalog on your website – linking your current investments to user-actionable product content.

Reach the full potential of your marketing and website investments by creating a digital data catalog.

Compliance Scanner – improve CSR profile

Do you want to discover new focus areas for your product line or do you have internal policies related to specific ingredients? We can scan your product line for palm oil, soy, microplastics, etc., and give you actionable recommendations to improve your CSR profile.

We know the market and consumer trends.

Use Prduct to become more transparent.

We can help you scan your product line for ingredients that retailers and consumers have an opinion of.

Meet your customers – in a new way

Meet your potential customers directly in the purchase situation with valuable information. Create a stronger relationship with your customers by meeting them in a new way – combining the physical and digital meeting through mobile labels and QR codes.

Persuade potential customers by meeting them in a new and innovative way.

CO2 Calculations – the future is inevitable

We are working on an innovative tool for calculating your product Co2 emission footprint. Take the next step. Become more transparent and increasingly attractive to the large retailers.

Carbon food calculator

Consumers and retailers are asking for it.

Be a frontrunner within your product category and measure Co2 calculations for your products.

All the features you need to enhance your product information management and utilize the full potential of your product data:

  • Digitalize your product information

  • Simplify and visualize the work processes for updating and sharing product data

  • Import and export of Excel files

  • Learn what to include to be attractive to retailers
  • Multiple channel management with one click

  • Sharing data to all relevant departments – internal and externally

  • Delegating responsibilities to the right people

  • Attractive product catalogue for own website

  • Scanning products for consumer and retail trends
  • Reducing timely processes

  • Increase data quality

  • A prioritised list of most

    important data

  • Easy to track the level of completement

  • Mobile labels for potential customers

  • Calculation of products Co2 footprint

Catch the mistake before it happens and get your product data right the first time.

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