We connect the dots and turn your data into value. CO2 – CSR – Compliance.

At Prduct, we have vast experience working with product information related to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). We are experts at turning a large amount of data into value, knowledge and insights.

Reach the full potential of your marketing and website investments by creating a digital product catalog.

How do our features support you as a retailer?

Compliance scanner
Does your company have internal policies, CSR measurements and regulations for specific ingredients? With our filters and vast synonym database, we can scan the products in your stores for chemicals, microplastics, palm oil, soy etc.

Manage your private label products – it’s easy

Combine all your PL product in one system where you can share data responsibilities directly with the manufacturer. Collaboration is important – but intelligent collaboration is key.

Carbon food calculator

Consumers and retailers are asking for it.

Be a frontrunner within your product category and measure the Co2 calculations for your products.

Co2 calculations – ride the wave of change

Following the industrial, political and consumer-oriented trends, Co2 calculations of FMCG are inevitable. We work with the newest data to help retailers calculate their Co2 footprint across their product catalogue. 

Receive high-quality data – consistently

With our product data management system, even small food manufacturers can easily streamline their data and provide you with data in the right format—the end of incomplete datasets and timely processes.

Catch the mistake before it happens and get your product data right the first time.

All the features you need to enhance your product information management and utilize the full potential of your product data:

  • Easy digitalization of your PL products

  • Simplify and visualize the work processes for updating and sharing product data with small producers

  • Import and export of Excel files
  • Increase and streamline data quality

  • Calculation of products Co2 footprint

  • Sharing data to all relevant departments – internal and externally

  • Delegating responsibilities to the right people

  • Scanning products for consumer and sustainability trends

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